Additional Incubator Information


Muthoni Music Entertainment delivers the perFORM Music Incubator in Nairobi, Kenya with the support of Goethe Institute /JENGA-CCI project between February - April 2021.

1. What is it?
The perFORM Music Incubator is a 9-week live performance and music business incubation programme . It aims at providing an enabling environment for artists to conceptualize, rehearse and showcase well developed live shows as well as refine skill sets and provide tools to define, measure & track career success across multiple artistic disciplines and professions.

2. What is the main motivation?
The incubator views artists and music professionals as start-up business and seeks to provide an enabling environment for them to upskill them.

3.How does one become a participant?
We open applications for upcoming cohorts and announce on our social media. Keep a lookout for the next announcement in 2022.

4. Who is behind perFORM?
Muthoni Music Entertainment. Funded by Goethe.

5.What is the fee to participate?
There is currently no fee for participating in the incubator. The participants must, however, cover their own costs for transport to and from classes/rehearsals/workshops and cover any other incidental costs such as meals.

6. Where does the incubator take place?
In Nairobi, with a mix of online and physical sessions

7. Who is eligible to apply?
The incubator is designed to support the following classes of applicants:
- Artist/ songwriters
- Public Relations Practitioners
- Artist Managers
- Event Managers
- Producers
- Sound Engineers
Applicants are not required to have a formal educational background in music.

8. Can an artist apply if they don’t have a recorded, unreleased project?
We encourage each artist applying to have a project in the works. This way, the artist will derive the full benefit of the classes as they are tailored to help you define success for your next project on your own terms, and develop the strategy that will get you there. Without a project in mind, the classes are likely to be nothing more than theoretical.

9. How much time will the incubator need?
You will need to commit approximately 9 hours per week in scheduled rehearsals and 9 hours per week in classes. There are approximately 4 classes per week between 10am and 5pm . All scheduled classes and rehearsals are compulsory. You must be available for all scheduled classes.

10. What curriculum will the incubator follow and who will lead the classes?
The incubator’s curriculum has been specially designed by Muthoni Drummer Queen with support from top project management consultants and is based on best practice research and 10 years experience running the festivals. Classes will be conducted by established professionals only.

11. What happens after the incubator is over?
perFORm provides coaching and mentoring support for 6 months after the incubator, to monitor participants as they implement the career plans that they created during the program.
All participants join the perFORM Alumni Program, which allows them to participate in learning and networking activities to support their career growth.